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The Importance of Car Seats for Children

Car seats for children are very important but it is not only vital to ensure your child is in a car seat, it is also important to ensure it is used properly.

The best place for a child car seat is always the back seat. Further, it is best to put it in the center to reduce risk of injury should you ever be in a car accident.

It is very important to check the manufacturing instructions while installing the car seat to be certain it is installed correctly and to make sure it has the correct incline.

While many people want their child to be front facing do not turn your child to front-facing too soon. If your child is under age two or weighs less than 35 pounds, you should keep your child in a rear-facing position and there are now extenders available so parents should take advantage of the rear-facing extenders for children up to 5-years-old.

If your child is in heavy or bulky clothing, the harness does not adequately protect your child so if the child needs to be kept warm place the clothing on top of the car seat.

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